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“There can be few places as tranquil as Amanpuri – its setting really is second to none. As you walk through the grounds, it’s impossible not to marvel at the impressive villas that blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape.”

“The sand on the beach is as soft and white as any sand can be, and the temperature of the crystal-clear blue water is never anything less than perfect. Every night you’re blessed with the most magnificent sunset as the warm tropical night closes in. It’s hard to feel anything but inspired in such a fabulous location…”

Prestige, Hong Kong
on Amanpuri, February 2012

“Trust me, if you don’t end up wanting to spend most of your time in bed with a beautiful woman in Amanpuri, there is something seriously wrong with you….I’ve stayed only at one Aman but that was enough to show me how exceptional they are. To call a hotel ‘perfect’ is ridiculous. There are always faults. But Amanpuri comes about as close to perfection as anywhere I’ve stayed. The suites are vast and luxurious, the beach magnificent, the restaurant idyllic, the service sublime….I could go on, but what’s the point? You get my drift.”

“Peace is what it excels in….If I’d felt more peace by the third day, I’d have been mistaken for a corpse.….we were invited to try out the absurdly palatial spa, where I succumbed to a four-handed massage so exquisite I passed out into a semi-coma of pleasure.”

GQ, India
on Amanpuri, January 2012

"It is breathtakingly exotic and comfortably minimal, as close as you get to a private desert island, but with all the trimmings. The food is authentically Thai, simple and delicious and the service is impeccable, but relaxed.”

Condé Nast Traveller, UK
on Amanpuri, January 2012

"Amanpuri had to slug this one out with neighbouring Thai Palaces. But thanks to its celebrity guests, and "blow-your-mind massages" the flagship Amanresorts scrapes first place."

The Sunday Times Travel, UK
on Amanpuri, January 2012

“It will come as no surprise to fans of the Aman brand of resorts (and they do tend to be ardent fans) when we say that the traditionally constructed Amanpuri, on the west coast’s Pansea Beach, is all about relaxation. Unwind here with visits to local festivals and temples, daily yoga and meditation sessions on the hillside, and trips to the teak-lined but airy spa (Aman’s first full service spa, where they developed many of their signatures).”, USA
on Amanpuri, December 2011
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