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"As always with Aman, you are surrounded by finest understatement. The loft-like living room with its canopy bed faces the ocean. In the morning sunlight falls softly on the thyme patches in the garden and is reflected by the emerald green pool. Everything seems straight and sensual at the same time. You absolutely don’t want to leave your new home anymore (every cottage measures about 80 square meters)."

"The three-storied library tower is a real highlight. It offers an amazing collection of international, local and historic literature as well as a 360-degree-view and wonderful interior that ensures a relaxing reading time."

"It was the Aman spirit and the whole team that turned the hotel from a concept into a stylish and charming enclave. Teşekkür ederim – thank you."

Elle Traveller, Germany
on Amanruya, April 2014

“[…] Please do not wake me up! The first Amanresort of the Aegean Sea is – as its name implies – a peaceful dream. World class service meets privacy and wonderful panoramic views. […]”

“[…] My cottage is incredibly spacious and elegant, but neither pretentious nor equipped with unnecessary gimmicks. […] That’s what the luxury hotel group Aman stands for: Luxury down to the smallest detail. […]

“[…] There is only one good Amanruya spends extensively: space. Not seldom that I get lost on my way to the beach and the restaurant or to the Spa and let myself drift, knowing that I will get back to familiar paths. In Amanruya you get lost without feeling lost. […]”

“[…] I am jolly glad to come back to my peaceful dream world and I will not move away from here the whole day. What would the oracle the ancient Greeks consulted here in this region probably tell me? “Once you have been to an Amanresort, you are spoiled for a lifetime!” […]”

reisen exclusiv, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
on Amanruya, January 2014

"Like all Amanresorts, this one is grown-up and sophisticated, vastly spacious and deeply private, with just 36 suites spread, like a village, over the kind of generous acreage on which most other hotel companies would undoubtedly have strewn 500 rooms and attendant facilities."

"Created in a Mediterranean-meets-Ottoman architectural style from a medley of stone, concrete and marble, bonded with a soft pink mortar, the hotel is of a pinkish hue that rests easily against the blue of Mandalya Bay on the Bodrum peninsula and the silvery flicker of innumerable olive trees."

House & Garden, UK
on Amanruya, May 2013

“Part of what feels luxurious about the Amanruya is the sense of privacy and being part of the landscape. Some of the olive trees are a century old, and the cottages were built around them. Butterflies flutter all around. In the gutters that run down the sides of the lanes by the houses, turtles wander about.”, USA
on Amanruya, April 2013

“Each evening, as sunset approached, we mounted the steps in the library tower to gaze across the Agean. It was then that we fully appreciated the essence of Amanruya. It is a self contained world of deep tranquility; a place to be healed and restored.”

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, USA
on Amanruya, January 2013
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