“Amansara was truly magical.  Your staff were polite, warm, friendly, and efficient and the standard of service astounding.  Usually when one stays at a luxury hotel one can find little things to complain about or find fault with but everything at Amansara was perfect… the Aman service is faultless.  My stay at Amansara was totally stress free and one felt one did not have to worry about anything as everything was taken care of and the timing of every little detail was impeccable and carefully thought through.”
Hong Kong 

“The quintessence of grace and tranquility.  From the remarkable staff to the serene setting to the deeply engaging itinerary – truly wonderful.  Thank you for everything.”

“When we arrived I was cynical about the notion that a hotel really could be a home.  But as future guests will find out, amazingly this is true at Amansara.”
“What a wonderful end to the year. If you read though the guest book you will realize that everyone seems to appreciate what a unique travel experience amansara presents. The quality of the surroundings, the tranquility, the pampering and feeling of welcome and personal attention is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle as well as impersonal service that is a feature of modern day travel. This has been an oasis of calm and we appreciate very much being a part, even for a short while, of the amansara family.”


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