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“At the Amansara resort we go straight to the Temple Walk Massage (eases aching feet). […] Relaxed we stroll to the pool thinking that there couldn’t be any place to live more royal-like than in this 60’s-villa from the 1960s in Siem Reap. After all, many years ago it was the guesthouse of King Sihanouk. Today, modern Zen style meets retro-chic in an absolute relaxed atmosphere. The intensive scent of jasmine is wafting around from the minimalistic garden. Nothing disturbs, the sound of the city does not reach this place. Only the crickets are chirping."

Elle Traveller, Germany
on Amansara, April 2014

“The join between the original and the new is seamless and if anything, the hotel now feels complete; a perfectly balanced place of peace, hidden behind the high white walls of its past; a lush green oasis to retreat to after a day at Angkor Wat or beyond.”

“What you realize when you return here is that there is much more to Amansara than Angkor Wat. Once you have marvelled at the 9th-11th Century temple complexes that embrace Hinduism, Shiva and, later, Buddha, you can explore the secrets of the traditional Khmer Kitchen, dining at twilight at Srah Srang in a traditional Khmer village house overlooking the 10th and 12 th Century Royal Bathing Pool. Private dining and music, picnic lunches, house bicycles, helicopter rides to lost jungle temples: you wonder how you ever found time to see Angkor Wat in the first place.”

“We are in Pool Villa #15 and are surprised how quiet everything is these days, for the nosiy centre of Siem Reap has shifted over the years, leaving Amansara in verdant meditative solitude, yet just minutes from Angkor Wat.”

“You need longer here, because this revitalised Amansara is much more than a guesthouse these days; it is a place unto itself. Do go back.”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amansara, February 2014

“Memories of world heritage and Amansara’s wellness treatments remain long after we left the country.”

Lifestyle Wellness, Sweden
on Amansara, January 2014

“Like the other hotels in the Aman group, the ambience at Amansara was warm and intimate, much like being home.”
“What I love most about the Amanresorts is the hospitality; the staff have somehow achieved the delicate balance of being attentive without being intrusive.”
"My three-day stay in Siem Reap was perfectly planned and I’d highly recommend the itinerary to any urban dweller looking for a short getaway with mix of culture and relaxation.”

Harper's Bazaar, Singapore
on Amansara, July 2013
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