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“It’s a privileged sort of feeling, being taken for a ride in the very same car that once served Jackie Kennedy when she stayed at the Cambodian king Norodom Sihanouk’s guest villa. And it wasn’t the last time we felt this way when at Amansara.”

“The service, even by the high Asian standards, is in its own league.”

“One late afternoon, we tried the spa—and later stumbled back to the suite in a state of heavenly shock: the massage was perhaps one of the best we’ve ever had.”

“The hotel's unassuming design underscores the sense of being in a haven from everything—it’s a cool and quiet sanctuary away from the busy tourist town.”, Poland
on Amansara, February 2013

“It’s this fabulous former home of the king that is now a resort. It’s so chill and so cool, and it also boasts perfect service and food. And the sightseeing cannot be beat.”

Delta Sky, USA
on Amansara, May 2012

“Worth every penny. The 24-suite hotel, enclosed in a garden of reflecting pools on the outskirts of town, was built in the 1960s as a villa for Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihanouk. The Property still delivers the royal treatment, including private tuk-tuk drivers and spa therapists who specialie in deep tissue Khmer therapies.”

7x7, USA
on Amansara, May 2012

"Mais est-ce que finalement le véritable point fort de lʼAmansara ne serait pas ailleurs ? Dans son escadron de guides et de chauffeurs de tuk-tuk à même de vous emmener chaque jour de nouveaux temples en vous donnant lʼimpression que vous êtes, tels des Indiana Jones contemporains, les premiers à les voir sortir de la jungle ?"

“But ultimately would not the real strength of Amansara be somewhere else? In its squadron of guides and drivers of tuk-tuk who take you to the new temples each day giving you the impressionthat you're, like contemporaries Indiana Jones, the first to see them out of the jungle?”

Voyages et Hôtels de Rêve, France
on Amansara, Summer 2012

"Retraite zen au milieu des temples."

"Zen retreat in the middle of temples. "

"Après une longue journée passée dans la moiteur et la chaleur des temples, cʼest un vrai plaisir de se retrouver à lʼAmansara, pour profiter de moments de détente privilégiés dʼun raffinement exceptionnel.

"After a long day in the humidity and heat of the temples, itʼs a real pleasure to be at the Amansara, to enjoy some privileged moments of relaxation and exceptional refinement. ", France
on Amansara, April 2012

"Un temple parmi les temples."

"A temple among the temples.”, France
on Amansara, April 2012
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