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“Amansara is the most special of the dozen or so Aman hotels I’ve stayed at. It is smallish and simple; the food is wonderful and best of all a guide will cycle with you to Angkor Wat at 4am so you can see the ruins at dawn.”Condé Nast Traveller, UK
on Amansara, March 2012

“You love Aman in Asia, from the original Amanpuri to those magical outposts that opened up the world to us all in the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos, for they not only capture the place, they capture our hearts, too.”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amansara, January 2012


"Amansara is unique to Amanresorts. Although it is closer to city center, it still upholds Aman’s philosophy of a peaceful and low-key experience."

Extraordinary Traveler, China
on Amansara, January 2012

“シェムリアップの中心地にありながら、静かで落ちついた空気が流れる邸宅、アマンサラ。『遺跡をみながらディナーをたのしみたい』「クメールの伝統的な舞踊を見てみたい」などゲスト一人ひとりのリクエストを叶えてくれる細かなホスピタリティに心から癒されました。まるで我が家にいるよう。他のリゾートでは味わえない極上な時間でした。 スパは、毎日でも通いたいほど疲れもむくみからも解消されました。’’

“Located in the heart of Siem Reap, there is a mansion house with tranquil and peaceful blowing, Amansara. I was healed from the bottom of my heart by the magical hospitality which makes each and every guest’s request true, such as “Enjoy dinner while watching the ruins” or “Want to see traditional Khmer dance”. It was as if I was at my own home and I spent superb time which I wouldn’t experience in any other resorts. Thanks to the spa, I could get rid of tiredness and swelling and it made me think of going there even every day.”

Richer, Japan
on Amansara, December 2011

“They anticipate your every wish at Amansara…..this is service at its most unobtrusive”

Stylist, UK
on Amansara, June 2011

“Aman Resorts, not known for doing things by halves, opened Amansara a few years ago in a former royal residence.  Fabulous Sixties architecture lends a modish edge to the slate and glass serenity.”

Vogue, UK
on Amansara, April 2011

“Get picked up by Aman and you’ll find yourself living the retro royal dream …..”

AsiaSpa Magazine, Hong Kong
on Amansara, January-February 2011
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