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“As my limo zigzagged down the cornice on the Budva Riviera, in Montenegro, I got my first glimpse of the heart-stoppingly beautiful Aman Sveti Stefan, rising like a fairy-tale kingdom from the sparkling Adriatic. ….Once on the UNESCO-protected island, you’re instantly lost in the history of its maze of skinny stone lanes. They are dotted with elegant archways and secret stairways that lead to topsy-turvy tiers of cute cottages, with cheerful red-tiled roofs and white-shuttered windows.”

The Sunday Times, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, March 2012

“Cypresses rise up from among the terracotta roofs of ancient stone buildings; passageways lead this way and that to pretty piazzas and pools, and to viewpoints that look out accross the blue-green Adriatic and the dramatic coastline of Montenegro.' says Gold List contributor Laura Fowler.”

Condé Nast Traveller, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, January 2012

“If I had to design the perfect holiday destination it could look like this: the homely villa with its beautiful proportions and the charming wisteria terrace overlooking a bay, perfectly curved like a half moon. … The pure Aman-style is so ‘anti-bling’ and has such a calming effect that it should be available by recipe.”

Geo Saison, Germany
on Aman Sveti Stefan, January 2012

"It's only as you turn off the busy highways to begin the steep descent into the coastal plin that the heart begins to beat just a little faster, and just as you're beginning to wonder if you're ever going to arrive, you catch glimpses of Aman Sveti Stefan's high fortified stone walls and its distinctive russet-hued roofs flashing between the trees. And then, almost without warning, you get your first panoramic view of the resort and you catch your breath at its almost fairy-tale quality.

(...) set in a bijou bay with its own private beach is Villa Milocer - a stately dacha-like manse that was once the summer residence of the former queen and which is now part of the resort. .... It's a graceful bookend to an already otherworldly resort."

On a clear cloudless day, the dappled sunlight dancing on the sea is like the explosion of a million paparazzi flashbulbs. As Amanresorts go, the Aman Sveti Stefan with its incredible back story and sensational setting was always going to have blockbuster written all over it.”

SC Global, Singapore
on Aman Sveti Stefan, January 2012

“Walking up the causeway, gazing up at the rocks and rustic stone walls that ring the island, it looks as if it’s guarding a secret at its centre…”
“But if the glitz has been replaced by restrained tones, make no mistake – it’s still for the wealthy, it’s just that now it’s stealthy.”

AIR, Dubai
on Aman Sveti Stefan, December 2011
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