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“You’ll want to gaze across the tiled rooftops to the glistening Adriatic and distant mountain ranges..”
“Wow Factor: The imaginative and delicious dishes using local produce and spanking-fresh seafood, though pricey, are worth splashing out on.”

Brides Honeymoon Guide, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, Jul-Sep 2011

"L’Aman Sveti Stefan, l'icône hôtelière du Monténégro."

"Aman Sveti Stefan, an icon of Montenegro."

L’Evénementiel, France
Aman Sveti Stefan, Jul-Sep 2011

"Aman Sveti Stefan Named Among Designer Ben Gorham’s “10 Essentials” for Living."

Aman Sveti Stefan, Jul-Sep 2011

“Iconic Montenegro destination in combination with one of the best luxurious getaways.  It has an unbelievably historic feel and impeccable service. They take care of everything you need, whether it’s calling concierge for swimming trunks at 4 am or having your eggs boiled a certain way.", USA
Aman Sveti Stefan, Jul-Sep 2011

“The result is a hotel unlike any other in the Mediterranean, if not the world…."

"We realized that Aman Sveti Stefan really is the kind of dream hotel you might choose for your honeymoon."

"Its secret is its almost monastic sense of solitude - at night we could hear waves crashing against the rocks below the bathroom window - and its location in the heart of one of the prettiest stretches of coastline in the Mediterranean.”

The Times, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, June 2011

“Un cran plus exotique, au Monténégro, le Sveti Stefan revit sous la houlette du groupe Aman qui a redonné à cette enclave mondaine de l’Adriatique un lustre nouveau.”

“A notch more exotic, in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan comes alive again under the leadership of Aman who gave back to this mundane enclave a new prestigious image.”

Air France Madame, France
on Aman Sveti Stefan, May 2011 (original and translated text)

“The only sound is of songbirds and boats. It is artfully rustic but the service is world class.”

Conde Nast Traveller, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, May 2011
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