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“It’s somewhat difficult in this day and age to pinpoint a destination that is still exotic and mysterious. In days gone by, these romantic travel fantasies were fulfilled with trips to Asia or Africa, but what of Europe?  While nothing is undiscovered, some areas remain vaguely esoteric and this may be said of Montenegro. The Balkan region is rich in history, both dark and magical. A turbulent recent past has delivered plenty of challenges for Montenegro, but now with the addition of a superb new Aman resort, it is set to become one of Europe’s premier luxury locations once again.”

Vogue, Australia
on Aman Sveti Stefan, May 2011

"Sveti Stefan, îlot rocheux que seul un isthme sépare de la côte, s’ouvre à ses visiteurs comme une enclave de douceur et d‘harmonie postée en mer Adriatique. Du passé, il ne reste rien, si ce n’est l’essentiel : son âme.”

“At the end of an isthmus off the coast of Montenegro stands the rocky islet of Sveti Stefan. What’s left of the past here is what’s most essential: the soul of the place.”

Air France Madame, France
on Aman Sveti Stefan, April-May 2011(original and translated text)

“C’est dans le passé de ce village que se cache le secret d’une telle humilité. Un luxe suprême qui au premier regard ne dévoile que très peu de sa grandeur, c’est tout là, l’esprit «Aman». Le directoire d’Aman a eu cette vision à l’esprit, en organisant ce souci du vrai, du vécu, fait de rigueur et d‘onctuosité humaine, combinaison idéale de l’exception. Nous assistons à une redéfinition exquise du luxe. A l’Aman Sveti Stefan, et comme dans tous les Aman d’ailleurs, chaque repas se révèle comme une expérience intense, véritable invitation plaisante à une découverte du patrimoine gustative traditionnel local.”

“The secret of such humility hides in the past of this village. A supreme luxury which, on first sight, does not reveal much of its greatness. This is the spirit of Aman. The directory of Aman viewed this, organizing this concern for truth, experience, made from rigor and human smoothness, ideal combination of exception. We are facing an exquisite redefinition of luxury. At Aman Sveti Stefan, as in all other Aman, each meal is an intense experience, a true and pleasant invitation to discover the traditional local culinary heritage.”

Vertu, France
on Aman Sveti Stefan, March-April 2011 (original and translated text)

“The simple unpretentious Aman style that makes guests feel at home - I am easily seduced by the notion that is not so much a hotel as a way of life”

Travel + Leisure, USA
on Aman Sveti Stefan – Villa Milocer, April 2011

“A super-luxury island escape, restored in artfully rustic style down to the last stone."

“You soon fall into the rhythm of the place, and there is a pleasant feeling of being disconnected from the world.”

Conde Nast Traveller, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, March 2011
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