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“The simple unpretentious Aman style that makes guests feel at home - I am easily seduced by the notion that is not so much a hotel as a way of life”

Travel + Leisure, USA
on Aman Sveti Stefan – Villa Milocer, April 2011

“A super-luxury island escape, restored in artfully rustic style down to the last stone."

“You soon fall into the rhythm of the place, and there is a pleasant feeling of being disconnected from the world.”

Conde Nast Traveller, UK
on Aman Sveti Stefan, March 2011

”En langage sanskrit, Aman veut dire paix, comme celle qui vous gagne en arrivant (...) sur l’île de Sveti Stefan. Depuis 6 mois, il s’est offert une nouvelle jeunesse (...) pour devenir l’une des adresses des hôtels Aman, parmi les plus raffinés au monde. ”

”In Sanskrit, Aman means peace, as the peace that overcomes you when arriving on Aman Sveti Stefan. Since 6 months, it has found a new youth and became one of Aman’s addresses, among the most refined in the world.”

Point de Vue, France
on Aman Sveti Stefan, March 2011 (original and translated text)

“Inside my cottage, at the highest part of the island, I rub the rustic walls, its stones hewn from the same ancient rock that makes up the island’s towers, walls and alleys.  I look up.  Nowhere have I seen a grotto-esque ceiling like this.  I feel that I’m not just on the island but within it.”

Islands, USA

“What a divine vision, when arriving by the coast, you see this cotillion land lost in the Adriatic!”

Homme de Luxe, France
on Aman Sveti Stefan, January 2011

“By grace of a massive government-funded revitalization effort, the isle is now poised for a glamorous encore as an exclusive leisure ground.  The brand-new, 50-room Aman Sveti Stefan (slated to open in May 2011) claims a two-kilometer ribbon of pristine, ballet-slipper pink beach, and its assortment of red-roofed stone buildings, built to storybook effect against wind-frilled emerald seas, look like the sort inhabited by distressed damsels with pet dragons and big hair.”

The Globe and Mall, Canada
on Aman Sveti Stefan, January 2011
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