There are an estimated 20,000 Buddha images in the province of Luang Prabang, most of which are housed in the main town.


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cultural excursions & activities

Amantaka has created a wealth of guided attractions and activities designed to give the guest an insider's view into Luang Prabang’s unique culture.

kuang si waterfall and bear sanctuary

Amantaka can arrange for guests to visit the Kuang Si Waterfall & Bear Sanctuary. Visitors can view a tiered waterfall that tumbles 100 metres into turquoise pools. After the waterfall, the managers of the rescue centre will personally escort guests through the bear sanctuary. The tour gives an up close and personal look at the Asiatic Black Bear, a Class 1 endangered species. Guests will have a chance to meet the bears at close quarters and aid the keepers in feeding the bears.

tad se waterfall

Take a boat trip on the upper khan river and visit the scenic location of the Tad Sae Waterfall. Stroll past the local elephant herd and encounter a waterfall that literally flows out of the jungle. Weather permitting, the limestone pools offer a refreshing swim on a hot day.

elephant rides

Guests have the opportunity to visit the elephant camp near the Tad Se Waterfall to discover more about these majestic creatures. Visitors are also free to experience the thrill of an Elephant Ride with a mahout guide, who will direct the elephant through forests and rivers.

hmong photo tour

For those with a special interest in photography, Amantaka will arrange a trip to Ban Chok Village for a photo tour. Ban Chok is an unspoiled and untouched Hmong village. Guests can be introduced to the village chief of Ban Chok and his family. Visitors gain a good understanding of Hmong family life and have many opportunities for photos.

cooking classes

Amantaka offers the chance to learn delve into the culinary experience of Lao food with a Cooking Class. Lao Cuisine is a blend of Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese food with a local influence. Students are taken to Luang Prabang’s morning market to choose their own fresh vegetables, spices, fish, and meat. After choosing ingredients, guests are shepherded away to a nearby organic farm, where they will learn how to make their Laotian feast. After the class has ended, guests may enjoy their meal in the Dining Room or by the pool.

baci ceremony and lao dinner

Amantaka hosts a traditional baci ceremony to realign the 32 Khouan (spirits) that inhabit human bodies. Locals believe that the Khouan work to protect the people from illness, sadness, and general malice in everyday life. The blessing is overseen by a Mo Phon (master of ceremonies) who makes sure that the Khouan are aligned in the right way. After the ceremony, guests are invited to enjoy a special Laotian meal comprised of many renowned local dishes.

lao textiles and weaving

Witness the secrets of Lao textiles and weaving practice and spend an afternoon at Ock Pop Tok’s Living Crafts Centre. After a simple description of the silk-making process and the three types of Lao weaving, guests are coached how to dye a silk scarf with all natural ingredients. Learn how to use a loom before trying a hand at creating a batik masterpiece. At the end of the day, all items created at the centre are returned to the guest along with a pack of special tea, and the Lao Textiles Essential Guide.

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