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“It is refreshing to see Amantaka as part of Luang Prabang’s largely unspoilt streetscapes.”

The Edge, Singapore
on Amantaka, January 2014

“Amantaka exudes a tranquil tone, and soon all cares are left behind.”

“I felt lost in time and completely at peace, beginning perhaps to understand the mystique of Luang Prabang.”

“The Amantaka team seems to anticipate your every need, and on occasion introduces you to needs you had yet to discover!”

“Amantaka is the perfect complement to the serenity of Luang Prabang. Together they manifest peace, and leave one in better balance. Though many wonderful places remain on our wish list of travel destinations, we look forward to returning again and again.”

Expat Ladies, Thailand
on Amantaka, May 2013

"Returning the Amantaka after a hot afternoon of sightseeing in the lovely Laotian city of Luang Prabang, it was a relief to slip into the cool, serene, votive candle-lit spa for the signature treatment. Four contrasting massage oils were followed by a blissful body wrap, during which I was slathered with lemongrass and white clay and swathed in white cotton. It was perhaps the most enjoyable spa treatment I have ever had."

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, USA
on Amantaka, January 2013

“This French-colonial hospital was converted into a chic hotel. The simple, monastic rooms are calm and serene. The best part of the experience is seeing the traditional longboats on the Mekong River. We recommend getting up at 5:30am to go see the hundreds of monks-in-training receiving food offerings from people—so peaceful and quiet and amazing.”

Out Magazine, USA
on Amantaka, April 2012
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