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“Most people continue to judge spas on their size and extravagant design, yet the heart of a great spa is in its therapists and its treatment protocols. Amantaka exemplifies the ethic. Yes, it is an extremely attractive and spacious spa for such a small property, but the great thing about it is the glorious treatments that not only feel good, but also work.”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amantaka, January 2012

"说它朴拙,确是事实。遵循安缦的一贯作风,房间不设电视,只摆放了一台Bose音响,提供舒缓的Diana Krall和钢琴大师莫扎特的作品;低矮白墙,宽大草坪,白色帷幔和地砖,床头小雏菊,尽是柔软的色泽;德国摄影师Hans Georg Berger 拍摄的老挝僧侣生活和当地节庆图片,调子在黑白灰之间转换;连总经理Gary都始终穿着亚麻长衫,终日做着东方梦。"

“It’s true that Amantaka is rustic. Following Amantaka’s consistent style, instead of TVs, the rooms are facilitated with Bose stereos playing soothing Diana Krall, a large lawn, white curtains, floor tiles and little daisies at your bedside ooze soft hues. Pictures about lives of Laotian monks and local festivals by Hans Georg Berger, a German photographer, play with the monotone of black and white. Gary the GM wears a linen gown always and advocates to an oriental dream.”

Her, China
on Amantaka, January 2012

"Peel back any of the layers here and you'll find more attention to detail…”

“As a hotel group, Aman has something of a reputation for going extra mile for its guests. There's plenty to tempt you…”

“A hotel that's exceptional in pretty much every way and blessed with staff of unusual competence and wit."

Gourmet Traveller, Australia
on Amantaka, December 2011

“It’s one of the best-conceived and most impressive resort adventures I’ve seen.”

Qantas Magazine, Australia
on Amantaka, December 2011


“The understated style of Amanresorts is a perfect match for the low-key Luang Prabang. “

Her, China
on Amantaka, December 2011
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