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“[In reference to the Royal Palace] It's the royal boudoir that catches my attention. The bed looks like a copy of the canopied four-poster I've been sleeping in since arriving in this remote city of Buddihist temples and elegant European-Style villas. "Just like my room at the resort," I say sotto voce. Overhearing this, my tour guide skeptically raises an eyebrow. "Are you sure?" she asks. "Actually, I heard that your resort is much better.”

“If guests aren't impressed by the private pools, they probably will be when the room attendant asks what temperature they would like the water adjusted to in readiness for their morning laps.”

Bloomberg Pursuits, Australia
on Amantaka, Spring 2011

“Like all Amans, it has great style and despite the daytime street noise, it’s an oasis of serenity.  It’s housed in French colonial buildings designed in a large rectangle with twenty-four one bedroom suites.  Many have private pools and all face the huge garden with a very pretty pool and terrace.”, USA
on Amantaka, May 2011

“I’m trailing Amousith, a young chef at Amantaka, who names and describes fish and fowl, piles of roots and bunches of edible flowers. Around the corner at a riverside shack, open from 3 o’clock every morning, we join locals drinking coffee Lao style, brewed strong and served in glasses on top of a layer of condensed milk. A few hours later we meet on the outskirts of town in a kitchen pavilion set in a community farm. On one side is a waist-high rice paddy almost ready to harvest and all around are rows of vegetables growing organically. This is a cooking class, Aman style, which means the location and the food are superb, even if I’m the one banging the (clay) pots. Amousith and two sous chefs teach me some important Lao basics: how to stuff and correctly fold a banana-leaf parcel – with one hand – before steaming over charcoals; how to properly prepare the ubiquitous sticky rice; how to grate a green papaya with a knife. I eat my four courses slowly, in a pavilion beside a lily pond, perfectly happy in the moment.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
on Amantaka, March 2011

“Amantaka’s real triumph lies in how it has managed – in the two-and-a-bit years that it has been open – to blend itself into the community in a way that hotels the world over take generations to achieve. It would be fair to say that Amantaka has become for Luang Prabang what the Mandarin Oriental has for Bangkok, or the Peninsula for Hong Kong. It is now part of the fabric of the city.”

2 Magazine, Thailand
on Amantaka, March 2011

“The pride of Luang Prabang’s resort scene has emerged as the epitome of four-poster-bed Indochine luxury”

Prestige, Hong Kong
on Amantaka, February 2011
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