Amanwana is surrounded by the pristine reefs of the Flores Sea making it a paradise destination for scuba divers and snorkellers alike. Just off Amanwana’s Boardwalk lies a marine wall featuring a colourful panorama of tropical fish, sponges and gorgonian coral fans.

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With Amanwana’s own dive operation, both beginners and experienced divers can explore the Flores Sea. Some of the best dive sites are no more than a 10-minute boat ride from Amanwana.

Amanwana's Dive Centre offers a variety of PADI certified dive courses.

dive sites

Sea Wall: A reef wall with a vertical face descends 40 metres in front of the boardwalk. Reef fish and gorgonian fans are plentiful. This reef is also a great site for night diving.

Turtle Street: To the right of the camp, looking out to sea, a reef ledge drops away to a sandy slope. This is Amanwana’s ‘Turtle Street’. Hawksbill and green turtles frequent the area, along with moray eels, lobster and black- and white-tip reef sharks.

Labuan Aji Reef: Labuan Aji offers excellent wall diving. The wall descends vertically to more than 50 metres. Batfish, pelagics, lobster and reef fish are plentiful along this undersea mountain. Labuan Aji is a 10-minute boat ride from the camp.

Panjang Slope: This long, ocean-facing reef, with its varying currents, is frequented by pelagics and sharks. A variety of corals and a wealth of giant sponges and sea fans make Panjang Slope a delight for open-water divers.

Panjang Timur: Only a short boat ride from camp, Panjang Timur is a deep slope harbouring a variety of hard and soft coral, including staghorns, gorgonian fans and sponges. An abundance of reef fish and larger pelagics, including Napoleon wrasse and eagle rays, can be found.

Tanjung Menangis: For advanced divers, Tanjung Menangis is a shore wall that drops to more than 100 metres. Tuna, mackerel, sharks and other pelagics inhabit this fast drift dive site.

Sea Fan: A deep wall with little current, this reef is covered with coral and is home to stonefish, lionfish and nudibranchs. Manta rays and whale sharks occasionally cruise past.


A variety of fish and coral life can be found in Amanwana Bay, the marine reserve in front of the camp. Guests can snorkel from the Amanwana jetty next to the Boardwalk, or from the beach in front of the tents. ‘Turtle Street’ is where the marine amphibians are regularly spotted. Guided night snorkelling is an exciting option offered by Amanwana. During the day, Amanwana’s beach boys will also happily provide guided tours of the local reefs.

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