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"Experience the wild nature in the celebrity's favorite tent resort"

"Surrounded by the ocean and the jungle, Amanwana offers guests a special moment with flawless hospitality"

"Through the stay in Amanwana, many of the guests fall in love with the contrasting scenery brought by the wild life and the luxury tent life not likely to be experienced in the urban life"

Safari, Japan
on Amanwana, December 2013

"There are no cars, a few dirt tracks, a handful of villages and one ‘resort’, Amanwana. Perfect."

"Amanwana Bay’s stunning protected marine park offers some of Indonesia’s best diving, and the surrounding Flores Sea, one of the world’s richest marine environments, is an underwater paradise with pristine iridescent coral reefs and marine life."

"Moyo is the elusive nature paradise found."

"Here, the rhythm of life is low-key and at one with nature, with timelines set by sunrise, sunset and the stars."

"The fleet’s star is the 32m Amanikan, a teak wood custom built coastal cruiser, fusing the romance of spice trading vessels with luxurious amenities and available for chartered day cruises or the five- or seven-night Komodo Expedition."

"I am comforted to know that a paradise nature island not only still exists, but will stay beautifully protected."

Colours, Indonesia
on Amanwana, November 2013

"This is the ultimate castaway island."

Wish Magazine, Australia
on Amanwana, May 2013

“This elegant vessel takes the breath away with 2m-high vaulted ceilings in onboard accommodations and a master cabin at the rear with a large private terrace with much-vaunted sweeping views of the blue yonder”

The Peak, Malaysia
on Amanikan, April 2013

“Nature is at its most vivid and glorious in this corner of the world, so much so that I am willing to bet that the most jaded traveller will awaken from its stupor.”

“I would often lose track of time watching the sunset or gazing up at the nocturnal sky filled with a million twinkling stars”

Men's Folio, Malaysia
on Amanwana, March 2013

 "For you lovers of diving, it's a heaven on earth."

Female, Indonesia
on the Raja Ampat Expedtion on board Amanikan, January 2013

“At Amanwana, you will feel at home, never wanting to return to your other home.”

Vlife/Stay in Luxury, China
on Amanwana, May 2012
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