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“Amanwana, hidden in the forest, is a truly magical experience.”

Amanwana 因追求的是宛如野营般的淳朴原始生活乐趣,故此,客房内,只有淋浴,没有浴缸。
“At Amanwana there are no bathtubs only showers. The enchanting resort appeals particularly to travellers who appreciate the joys of nature.”

“The crisp blue and white of the sea and sky at Amanwana are breathtakingly beautiful. The air there is particularly clean and pure.”

Luxury Hotels, China
on Amanwana, March 2012

“Teak floors, pristine fabrics, indoor-outdoor living – this unique camp provides a luxurious Robinson Crusoe lifestyle surrounded by untouched nature. Excursions into the jungle… are on offer in a place where the wonders of nature stretch as far as the eye can see – even from the comfort of your own tent.”

Once In a Lifetime - Travel & Leisure Redefined, Germany
on Amanwana, March 2012

“Amanwana Resort stands firmly with beauty”

Livingetc, Indonesia
on Amanwana, February 2012

“Like the rest of the cruiser, it’s deceptively plain, but all the Aman signatures are there, discreetly sublimated into the cabin’s architecture. Nothing impinges upon the serenity of the coastal views drifting by outside.”

“Barbecued fresh prawns, lobster, crab and barramundi are washed down with perfectly chilled white wine as the gentlest of breezes wafts through. It is a magical end to what has seemed an endless day.”

“Checking the mini-bar, I find two bowls of freshly cut aloe vera, the perfect balm for sunburn. Once again I’m struck by the discreet thoughtfulness that Aman dispenses to its guests.”

Prestige Lifestyle, Hong Kong
on Amanwana, January 2012


"At Amanwana there are 20 luxury ‘tents’, each one is hidden in the forest, connected to its natural surroundings."

Senselife, China
on Amanwana, January 2012
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