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“Deep undercover on the quiet island of Moyo, this is a blast of something different. It’s the grandest of tented family holidays and totally at one with nature of a tropical twist. Take little ones for ‘bubbles’ (diving at three metres), catch hermit crabs, watch turtles hatch and plod into the sea, snorkel, make camps and fish off the side of stunning wooden boats. Picnics are packed for day trips to secluded beaches or magnificent jungle waterfalls. Deer, wild pigs and monkeys stalk the property. Watch old films under the starts or eat on the incredible family restaurant. Everything is simple but well thought-out. Sail at night and wake up in a lagoon surrounded by dolphins and waterfalls.”

Tatler Travel Guide, UK
on Amanwana, January 2012

“You’ll make quite a splash when arriving at this ultra-posh hideaway.  The eight seat seaplane that puddle-jumps from nearby Bali lands directly in the cerulean bay, then motors up to the dock.  Once ashore, settle into one of 20 tents—surrounded by jungle or fronting the Flores Sea.”

Martha Stewart Weddings, USA
on Amanwana, Spring 2011

“Every resort in Indonesia knows what it is they do, but very few know why they do it. Amanwana, the only resort on Pulau Moyo, is one of those rare exceptions. The staff here thinks from the inside out, not the outside in. They have a purpose and a cause. “Pulau Moyo isn’t a part of us,” says Kevin Brooke, the general manager at Amanwana. “We’re a part of Moyo.” And Brooke is right — in more ways than you can imagine. Sure, Amanwana is the most luxurious resort east of the Wallace Line. Sure, the only way to get to the secluded resort is on a privately-chartered Cessna C-208 seaplane, and sure, its 20 luxury tents are as lavish and gallant as any exclusive hotel in Southeast Asia — from the triple-digit thread-count sheets to the salmon quiche served at breakfast. But when Brooke tells you Amanwana is about the island and the people, he’s not lying.”

The Globe, Indonesia
on Amanwana, May 2011

“I love the lifestyle in Amanwana, you can do absolutely nothing here, or tire yourself out with endless activities.”

“Don't miss the breathtaking Barry Waterfall at Amanwana.”

Eastern Channel, China
on Amanwana, September 2011
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