The 350-square-kilometre island is heavily forested and blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Native teak, tamarind, fig, coral and banyan trees are plentiful. Deer occasionally wander into Amanwana, while macaque monkeys play in the forest surrounding the wilderness retreat.

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nature excursions

Moyo is a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The hilly island’s forest is filled with a variety of animal life, from deer and macaque monkeys to wild boar. Sea eagles, kite and osprey claim the island’s skies. A number of walking trails radiate out from the camp. Guides for trekking are available.

amanwana ridge

This track starts from the camp helipad and runs along the ridge above Amanwana. The path is strewn with leaves and coral, all under a sun-dappled canopy of trees. There are fine views out to sea, and excellent opportunities for observing Moyo’s wildlife and birds.

amanwana bay beach

This is a one-kilometre walk beginning behind the last tent to the west of the camp. Deer, monkeys and sea eagles are often spotted. As the tide rises, you may see schools of small reef sharks herding fish into the shallows.

crocodile head

This walk is an extension of the Amanwana Bay track. A path leads uphill from the West Gate and joins a widened track that goes from the ridge to the headland. Crocodile Head presents a panoramic view of the Flores Sea.

brang sedo

This trail starts from the helipad and travels in a south-easterly direction to the beachside fishing village of Brang Sedo. The walk finishes on the beach just beyond the village. Teak, tamarind, fig, coral, banyan and other native trees are plentiful in the forest and along the beach.

coastal cliff mountain bike trail

This trek offers spectacular views of the rugged coastline and the Flores Sea. Monkeys, birds and wild boar may be seen.

bat cave

A physically demanding trek, guests must be accompanied by a guide. Along with seven species of bat, monitor lizards and the occasional python may also be spotted.

island excursion: the waterfall

This memorable half-day tour begins with a speedboat run north to the village of Labuan Aji. From here, a four-wheel drive vehicle transports guests into the jungle. A short trek along a path shaded by tangled leaves and vines ends at a magnificent series of waterfalls cascading into terraced, limestone pools ideal for swimming.

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