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“The Amanresorts brand is all about monastic tranquility, in properties from Marrakech to Wyoming, Bhutan to Montenegro. Here, on a surf-edged western headland, Amanyara’s airy reception and dining spaces soar like some lofty Californian neo-shrine built of tropical woods, the centerpiece a square basin rippling with lights in the blackness.”

Sunday Times Travel Magazine, UK
on Amanyara, March 2012

“At Amanyara, the answer is always yes.”, USA
on Amanyara, January 2012

“Amanyara remains the high-end choice in the islands. You love its elegance, its service and its size. Oh, and the fact that it is an Aman!”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amanyara, January 2012

“The amazing Amanyara resort in the Turks & Caicos islands is one of the world’s coolest, most exclusive escapes.  The luxe accommodations are housed in a series of private pavilions that would have James Bond feeling right at home.”, USA
on Amanyara, Jul-Sep 2011

“My perfect getaway is a warm holiday where I can go to a beach with a book and kill five days doing nothing. Amanyara in Turks and Caicos is incredible.”

The Wall Street Journal, USA
on Amanyara, Jul-Sep 2011

“Incredible architecture in an unspoiled tropical setting sets the Asian-inspired resort apart from the crowd.  Nestled on a beautiful coastline within a 4,000-acre nature reserve, it’s a private and exclusive hideaway with a refreshing contemporary feel and a staff catering to your every need.  Transcending the concept of mere rooms, the resort’s accommodations are located in pavilions and villas scattered across tropical vegetation with ponds and private pools.”, USA
on Amanyara, April 2011

“Amanyara leaves a lasting impression and you'll be gagging to return from the very second you leave”

Squaremile, UK
on Amanyara, March 2011

“This white-sand slice of Eden features pavilion-style rooms and private villas with sumptuous water views”

Coastal Living, USA
on Amanyara, February 2011

"Amanyara is as close to peaceful perfection as one could imagine."

"Amanyara is whimsical.", USA
on Amanyara, Februay 2011
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