matsutake season in bhutan

This August, combine the discovery of Bhutan’s cultural treasures and spectacular landscape with freshly-prepared matsutake mushroom gastronomy at Amankora Paro and Amankora Thimphu. These specially-created dishes will be served at daily dinners throughout the matsutake season. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit Geneka Village to witness the harvest of this forest delicacy.

Revered in Japan, the pine (matsu) mushroom (take) is the most anticipated of autumn flavours and greatly cherished as a gift. More than a seasonal delicacy, matsutake symbolises good fortune, happiness and fertility. Lending its pungent, cinnamon-spice aroma to any preparation, it is said that matsutake should be cooked until one can eat the aroma. Low in fat, high in protein and rich in vitamin B, these highly-prized fungi are believed to have many health benefits. Savouring its unique flavour is a pleasure once reserved for nobility and today sought after by gastronomes worldwide.

The experience includes:
Two nights’ accommodation at each Amankora property in Paro and Thimphu; all meals (including matsutake menus and barbeque); a private guide and driver; all vehicle and road permits; all touring and monument passes; all government royalties and related tourism taxes; service charges; and visa processing assistance and fees.

1 to 31 August 2015

Suite (double occupancy) US$ 2,662 per person
Suite (single occupancy) US$ 4,646


  • * Extension nights in any of the five Amankora lodges can be arranged on request. 
  • * Rates and government taxes are subject to change without notice.

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