“Amanwana is a truly remote wild and beautiful destination, and we had great fun there, with the always attentive hand helpful Ian.”

Thank you again for making our latest visit with the Aman Group our most memorable yet. While we always walk away from an Aman break longing for our next visit, our experience at Amanwana was one of the escapes of a lifetime. Perhaps it was because of the customized attention we received from each member of your staff. Or maybe it was the opportunity to meet other guests on the property and spend time getting to know each other.  Or maybe the way you made us feel like a part of the family while still going beyond expectations to find the ideal solution for each of our interests and requests.

We could not possibly identify one favorite moment we enjoyed during our stay, but there are a few things that do stand out in our mind. Like the ... 

... breathtaking marine life you personally showed us on our private dives. And the interest your staff took in allowing us to cook one of our own special dishes right at our dinner table. And the fantastic scotch you shared with us at the bar after dinner while swapping stories about favorite places to visit.Thanks to all the wonderful things we enjoyed about our stay, we are planning to return next year and sample the Komodo Experience. We are already a little concerned that the bar is simply going to be raised by Aman yet again.  But I suppose that's one of the reasons we continue going back for another bite.

We are extremely grateful to you and your Amanwana team for the warmth and hospitality we were shown. And we look forward to sharing more stories together with you at some point very soon.

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