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“I am also a fan of pretty much any Aman. I love the fact that you don't have to sign endless bills during your stay and you can just disappear and have everything delivered to your villa. On our honeymoon we rarely ventured out the front door.”

Tom Parker Bowles in Sunday Morning Herald, Australia
on Amanresorts, April 2012

“The reason Amanresorts enchant Luxury Travelers is that they are completely relaxed just like their own cottages. What is the best strength of Amanresorts? Staff welcoming guests with warm hearts and great hospitality, just like they are family. In addition, thanks to each small capacity of Amanresorts, staff take care of any customer’s needs and wants precisely and quickly. That’s the reason guests return to the resorts regularly every year.”

Golf Digest Traveler, Japan
on Amanresorts, February 2012

“Aman offers the chance to step into a cushioned cocoon, a place with sublime imperial-era buildings, extensive grounds and exquisite service and food.”

Business Traveller, Hong Kong
on Amanresorts, January 2012

“You love Aman in Asia, from the original Amanpuri to those magical outposts that opened up the world to us all in the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos, for they not only capture the place, they capture our hearts, too.”

“Amanresorts are slowly but confidently reclaiming the high-end sector, with incredibly original new resorts such as Aman Sveti Stefan, Amantaka, Amanfayun and Amanruya. You love their lack of compromise; the way they decided to go 100% chemical-free in their spas, the way they plant organic gardens to serve their restaurants; the way they open up hidden destinations like Bhutan and, in the future, Brazil and Gabon.”

“They are icons in the resort world”

Gallivanter's Guide, UK
on Amanresorts, January 2012

“Sometimes, from the outside, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. But Aman sucks you in. Day two, day three, you’re toast, brother, addicted to its zen or life. Aman hold fast to a certain flip-flop chic, knowing exactly how to spoil its disciples without being over-the-top or formulaic. Want breakfast on the beach at 1 pm? No problem. It’s about supercharged standards but at a totally intimate level – from homemade spicy teas to fabulous guides. While a rush of newer and brasher outfits compete to knock them off their pedestal, Aman, let’s face it, rather puts its nose in the air.”

Tatler Travel Guide, UK
on Amanresorts, January 2012
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