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“Amanresorts emphasizes the idea that a holiday should be an experience with a sense of timelessness. “

“Amanresorts’ philosophy is epitomized in Amanfayun’s location. “

GQ, China
on Amanresorts, January 2012

“Amanresorts are special because of their emphasis is on a free lifestyle experience.”

“Amanresorts always leave you pleasantly surprised, no matter how awesome the scenery, environment or the service, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful time at Aman. “

UCAN, China
on Amanresorts, January 2012

“… a place capable of wrenching awe out of the most dreadfully blasé.”

The Travel Almanac, Germany
on Amanresorts, January 2012

“There are few lifestyle experiences more unique or memorable than a stay at an Aman resort”

Bespoke, Lebanon
on Amanresorts, December 2011

"Le groupe hotelier Amanresorts se démarque par la mise à disposition de ses hôtes d'ambassadeurs culturels prestigieux."
"The hotel group Amanresorts is characterized by providing its guests with the most prestigious cultural ambassadors."

"Au Cambodge, l'hôtel Amansara, autrefois demeure du roi Norodom Sihanouk, propose ponctuellement de faire découvrir à ses clients les sites les plus secrets d'Angkor grâce à l'archéologue Richard Fletcher..."
"Amansara in Cambodia, former house of the king Norodom Sihanouk, offers it’s guests the opportunity to discover the most secret sites of Angkor, accompanied by the archeologist Richard Fletcher..."

"Au Laos, à l'Amantaka, c'est le prince Nith en personne qui les initiera aux coutumes de la danse, de la musique et des cérémonies bouddhiques de Luang Prabang."
"At Amantaka in Laos, Prince Nith himself introduces the guests to the customs of dance, music and Buddhist ceremonies of Luang Prabang."

Bilan, Switzerland
on Amanresorts, December 2011


“Aman creates new hotel criteria, which pays attention to detail, low key luxury and a respect for privacy..

Marie Claire, China
on Amanresorts, November 2011

「Amanresorts是将无微不至的超五星奢华居住体验与神秘,刺激甚至有时略带危险性的探险相结合,让旅行者在人迹罕至的极致美景下与当地文化做一次零距离交流。 」

“Aman Resorts combines a 5 star hotel experience with mystery with a adventure activity, which provides an opportunity for people to enjoy the awesome scenery and obtain a deeper knowledge about the local culture.”

Four Seasons Magazine, China
on Amanresorts, November 2011
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