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“Aman creates new hotel criteria, which pays attention to detail, low key luxury and a respect for privacy..

Marie Claire, China
on Amanresorts, November 2011

「Amanresorts是将无微不至的超五星奢华居住体验与神秘,刺激甚至有时略带危险性的探险相结合,让旅行者在人迹罕至的极致美景下与当地文化做一次零距离交流。 」

“Aman Resorts combines a 5 star hotel experience with mystery with a adventure activity, which provides an opportunity for people to enjoy the awesome scenery and obtain a deeper knowledge about the local culture.”

Four Seasons Magazine, China
on Amanresorts, November 2011

「在Aman酒店,意外的惊喜随时都在,体现在许多小细节上,客人们会感受到在家中一般舒适亲切,而有尊重有加, 因为员工们都非常体贴而安静,懂得客人们的喜好并迅速回应,就像是专属的小精灵一样。」

“At Amanresorts, clients receive surprises anytime. You feel at home, hotel staff are so considerate and attentive.”

Extraordinary Traveler, China
on Amanresorts, November 2011

"Until Aman, most resort hotels were clunking structures with bedrooms off linear corridors…..After Aman – laid-back private hideaways became the ultimate in casual chic. …. The distinction of the Amans was that each was in a pristine location and unique – a concept that put cookie-cutter chains in the trash can of hotel history."

UltraTravel, UK
on Amanresorts, November 2011

“Most spas would kill for a following like the one inspired by Amanresorts. These ultra luxurious properties, spread out in far-flung locales (think: Bali, Sri Lanka and Morocco) have developed a loyal flock of self-described “Amanjunkies,” who make it their life’s mission to visit every location worldwide… It’s not difficult to understand the junkie-like passion for Aman. The level of attention is unparalleled. Call it bespoke, ‘whole-istic’ or simply out-and-out luxury, but it’s a feeling you just don’t find anywhere else—even in many high-end spas.”

Day Spa, USA
on Amanresorts, October 2011
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