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“After Montenegro, Bodrum and Venice, Amanzoe is the fourth Mediterranean Amanresort. And for me, it is currently the most beautiful hotel in Greece. Only 38 houses are arranged around the sun terrace with a basin, the fireplace, the library, a Swimming pool and the restaurant. But what houses! Once you have entered your private garden, you are not willing to leave your hideaway anymore.

About the beach club: “The concierge provided us with a map and bottles of water. We feel relieved that the way mostly leads over hills shaded by huge pine trees. What an amazing walk! At the end we reach a little bay, a small paradise with long pool, daybeds and the pergola of the beach club.

About the spa: "I am very curious about it. And it does not disappoint me: Taking a stroll under fragrant orange trees to the treatment rooms, you feel like being in the garden of a Greek goddess. ‘Treatment rooms’ is a clear understatement for the villas with a small patio including a pond and a daybed. Aman uses its own products: peeling salts, natural soaps, aroma oils, emulsions. They smell fantastic. And the tea at the end of the wonderful treatments is just as refreshing as the whole stay.”

"The only disappointing fact is that you will have to leave this hideaway one day.”

Elle, Germany
on Amanzoe, July 2014

“The Beach Club on the crystal clear sea is so spectacular that we have chosen the showpiece resort despite the five minutes’ drive to the beach. The pool with the view over the Mediterranean Sea, the Spa, the fitness facilities (among others Pilates and Tennis), the relaxed architecture and the ancient olive trees in the surrounding did the rest. There is no better way to relax for travelers with or without kids.”

Geo Saison, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
on Amanzoe, February 2014

“Amanzoe is one of the most gorgeous properties we’ve recently visited… Located on a particularly felicitous beach on the Peloponnesian peninsula and ten minutes from Porto Heli, Amanzoe is perfection. Once again, the hand of Aman master designer Ed Tuttle is very much in evidence.”

Departures, USA
on Amanzoe, January-February 2014

“Sometimes hotels are the destination…There’s something to be said about relaxing on property and communing with yourself and your partner and maybe even the surrounding birds and plants. No property moved me more in 2013 than Amanzoe, which was by turns time travel and luxurious Greek cocoon.”

Adam Graham, USA
on Amanzoe, December 2013

"The most prestigious luxury resort to open in Greece for a decade. It's a hilltop retreat designed in homage to the ancient Greek agora. The hotel's equally elegant beach club is 3km drive away."

Highlife, UK
on Amanzoe, September 2013

“If the ancient Greeks designed a city on a  hill today, with all the innovations of the modern world, it would probably look and feel like Amanzoe………it would make any returning Homeric hero weep.”

Travel+Leisure, USA
on Amanzoe, June 2013
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