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"Situated on the herb-infused hilltop of Porto Heli ..... you might smell Amanzo'e before you see it.  On arrival you're hit with a cocktail of rosemary, thyme and lavender, along with jasmine and the scent of the 350 olive trees ..."

""With two bathrooms, a sunken bath overlooking the landscape, mood lighting and a wrap-around private terrace, it's spectacular."

"I'm so relaxed I can barely stumble to the beautifully stocked library to find a book to keep me company by the pool."

Stylist, UK
on Amanzoe, May 2013

"This is Greece as it always should have been: smart and classical"

Condé Nast Traveller, UK
on Amanzo'e, May 2013

"Less than half an hour from Athens, Greece by helicopter, the white sand and turquoise waters of the Greek coast are set with a gem that stands out like a glistening bead even amidst such natural beauty: the Hotel Amanzoe."

"Amanzoe surpasses every expectation: a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere set in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth."

Luxury Road, Mexico
on Amanzoe, March 2013

"It's a pure pleasure right from the first moment, as you pass thousands of acres of olive grove, pine forest and pale rocky hillside and coastline ...It's a stage set, a work of art, a masterpiece."

"Amanzoe represents a ray of hope - a statement of confidence in the timelessness and immutability of the culture and beauty in this troubled but extraordinary country"

Vanity Fair, UK
on Amanzoe, March 2013

“Hotel of the Month: … luxury hotel group Aman stays true to their exclusive concept. Their newest property on the Peloponnese captivates its guests through a mixture of heavenly location, noble design and fine extras such as screening room, arts gallery, spa with Greek beauty rituals, hamam and helicopter tours. …”

Food & Travel, Germany
on Amanzoe, December 2012

“….property is a Greek oracle’s vision come true, surrounded by undulating olive groves and the azure beauty of the Argosaronic Gulf.”

The Peak, Malaysia
on Amanzoe, December 2012
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