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“I looked hard for faults, but they are hard to find. The food was Greek of the first rank, local artisan fare, but not frightening to foreigners. The dishes, which stay in one’s memory are the daily catches of gentle Aegean fish and the Greek lamb on a spit. Just as rewarding, however, were the honey and the figs at breakfast with creamiest of yoghurts untasted in London and New York.”

Spears Wealth Management, UK
on Amanzoe, November-December 2012

"Le nouveau resort du groupe Aman pousse au maximum le curseur du luxe à la grecque."
"Amanresorts’ new Mediterranean retreat is a fine example of Greek-style luxury."

Décoration Internationale, France
on Amanzoe, November 2012

“For Amanzoe looks wondrous, a hilltop temple complex surveying a panorama of the Argosaronic Gulf and its islands….Designed by Aman’s master architect Ed Tuttle, the resort combines contemporary Greek styles with Asian concepts of harmony.”

The Sunday Times, UK
on Amanzoe, November 2012

"Check into Amanzoe overlooking the Aegean Sea - the newest outpost of the hotel group that redefined luxury as Zen simplicity and restraint."

Travel + Leisure, USA
on Amanzoe, November 2012

“From architecture to food, from Spa to lush olive tree gardens, from wellness to concierge and most importantly service, Amanzoe is more than just a resort, it is a sanctuary for healing your body and soul, an invitation for reflection and meditation, an idyllic home away from home, a place beyond luxury.”

CPP Luxury, UK
on Amanzoe, October 2012

"As places to stay, however, the pavilions are superb. Mine, in the least expensive category, was as pleasing and perfectly configured as any hotel room I’ve slept in. It’s cool, calm, contemporary interior had a floor of polished veiny grey marble, a lofty oak ceiling and sufficient furniture, upholstered in greige yet somehow sumptuous Jim Thompson textiles. It was beautifully lit with wooden louvres and sliding screens across its wall of glass, and panels of translucent marble in the doors to filter the sunlight. At 100 sqm the wraparound terrace was as big as the room itself, its view a sublime panorama of ultramarine Aegean, the islands of Spetses and Spetsopoula and the myth-rich mountains of Arkhadia beyond."

"Amanzoe felt like a proper sanctuary. There’s a well-stocked library: a little amphitheatre for live performances: a couple of very good unpretentious restaurants and an outstanding spa, where every treatment room ahs its own steam room, bathroom and because this is an all-year resort, fireplace."

"It’s a restorative, responsible place, and being there made me long to see it in winter in the snow and again in springtime, when the countryside is full of flowers and the landscaping has matured. In Greece at least, there is nowhere like it, nor likely to be for some time."

Financial Times, UK
on Amanzoe, September 2012
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