tiger safari at aman-i-khas, Rajasthan

An Aman safari is a quest with nature and a chance to observe sentient life in its natural habitat unencumbered by the works of humankind. From luxury 'moghul' tents in Rajasthan, to the pristine landscape of Bhutan, Amanresorts can create a bespoke experience to quench a wilderness wonder-lust.

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Amanresorts offers access to some of the world’s most pristine natural environments, from Amanwana on the nature reserve of Moyo Island, east of Bali, to the five lodges of Amankora across the sheltered Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan. These wilderness areas are havens for wildlife, and home to some of the world’s most endangered species. Excursions and treks where wildlife can be encountered in their natural habitats are a part of the activities available at many Aman resorts, such as day-trips from Amanwella to Sri Lanka’s Uda Walawe or Bundala National Parks. At other Aman resorts with closer proximity to the abundant wildlife of protected reserve areas, guests can also enjoy scheduled wildlife safaris.

tiger-sighting at ranthambhore national park

Set on the apron of Rajasthan’s Ranthambhore National Park, the wilderness camp of Aman-i -Khás offers twice daily nature and wildlife safaris, providing guests an opportunity to sight leopards, tigers, crocodiles, sloth bears and other animals in their natural habit. At this Rajasthan Luxury Safari Camp, a customised open-top safari vehicle takes guests into the core of Ranthambhore National Park, which measures around 400sqkm. While guests are not guaranteed a tiger sighting, these are among the best anywhere in India. The best time to view game is in the early morning and late afternoon. Trips are led by Ranthambhore National Park-appointed guides who take guests on a range of routes through the park.

wildlife safaris at grand teton national park

At Amangani in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, wildlife safaris are conducted year round. In the spring, guests travel on a full-day excursion in Amangani’s four-wheel drive luxury SUVs with binoculars, window-mounted scopes and an experienced Amangani field guide. In spring, the moose are in the willows, the new aspen leaves are lettuce green and trumpeter swans, the largest waterfowl in America, are nesting amid the reeds and rushes of the National Elk Refuge. In the fall, there’s no better way to view all the wildlife that Grand Teton National Park has to offer. Autumn is the season of the rut, and moose, elk, pronghorn, mule deer and other wildlife are particularly active during the months of September and October. Study and photograph them in their natural habitat. One of the highlights of the September-October mating season is the unforgettable sound of bugling: the call of the bull elk. Autumn is also the season of migration, with the Wyoming skies full of flocking birds and waterfowl. In winter, as soon as snow begins to blanket the higher ground, elk come down in their thousands. Bison, bighorn sheep, mule deer and occasional moose and pronghorn also seek the sanctuary of the National Elk Refuge. Explore beautifully rugged terrain on cross-country skis or snowshoes, viewing wildlife in a firsthand field study of nature.

Adventure can take the form of discovering ancient civilisations, such as Cambodia’s acclaimed temple ruins of Angkor, from a tranquil base in Amansara 10-minutes away or taking a circular journey between Amankora’s five lodge locations throughout the pristine Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan. All Aman resorts combine the comforts and convenience of a well-appointed private residence with what lies at the heart of travel: providing guests access to experiences that enrich appreciation of the world’s infinite variety, its myriad cultures, its boundless natural phenomena.

enjoy the luxury tented wilderness of aman-i-khás

In India’s northwest frontier state of Rajasthan, guests can combine wildlife safaris at the luxury tented wilderness camp of Aman-i-Khás, with visits to completely preserved Moghul cities and palaces, accessible from Amanbagh. Where Amanresorts has more than one resort in a country, guests are encouraged to journey between them, expanding their experience of the country’s natural features and deepening their insights into the culture’s history. In Sri Lanka, combine discovery of 400-year old Galle Fort from Amangalla, with excursions to the country’s nearby National Parks from Amanwella, a contemporary beach resort set in a coconut grove fronting a golden sand crescent-shaped beach on the colourful southern coast.

discover the rich heritage and culture of bali

On Bali, ‘the Island of the Gods’, Amandari, overlooking the Ayung River gorge by the upcountry arts capital of Ubud, provides for adventures from white-water rafting on the Ayung river to climbing the extinct volcano of Mt Batur. An hour away at Amanusa, overlooking the Indian Ocean on the island’s southern peninsula, you can golf, sun or visit some of Bali’s most sacred temples. In East Bali, with panoramic views across the Lombok Strait, you'll find Amankila is a cliff-side beach resort set in one of Bali’s most traditional regencies, where the royal remains of water palaces and traditional village crafts can all be experienced on foot, by bicycle or by chauffeured vehicle.

Renowned for its ancient architectural monuments and natural beauty, discover Indonesia’s cultural roots beyond Bali in Central Java, the acknowledged cornerstone underlying Indonesia’s greatest traditions in dance, music, painting, silverwork and weaving. From Amanjiwo, explore on the back of a Sumatran elephant after experiencing the sunrise over four volcanoes from the 8th century wonder of Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary.

explore the deep canyons of utah

Boasting one of the most dramatic landscapes in the USA with deep canyons and towering plateaus Amangiri  is the ideal base from which to enjoy treks and guided hikes, customised rock climbing, via ferrata (fixed climbing routes) and canyoneering, as well as recreational and advanced biking throughout the local area.

Adventure Aman style always ensures that genuinely remarkable encounters are combined with high levels of thoughtful service to ensure the experience is as pleasantly comfortable and effortless, as it is entirely rewarding.

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